What we can learn from Walter Mitty about dreaming

Have you seen the movie “The secret life of Walter Mitty” yet? About that guy (called Walter Mitty of course, but at the beginning he is just that average guy) who keeps spending his life daydreaming instead of living?
You might be sceptical about Hollywood blockbuster movies (just like I am), and in that case: Did you know that the movie is based on a well known short story written in 1939 by James Thurber? It was already made into a movie in 1947. Meaning: The core of the story, beside the big emotions and beneath the larger-than-life pictures and effects, contains a universal theme that many people respond to. It is: Don’t dream it, be it. Live your dreams. Just like so many travel blogs keep saying.
The fact that puzzles me is that this “theme” is obviously not a new revelation in the history of mankind. It is not this modern lifestyle mantra it often appears to be. It is a universal human condition.
It is an easy thing to say – “Live your dream!” – but do you? And should you, no matter what?
@ 20th Century Fox

@ 20th Century Fox

I have recently learned about ‘lucid dreaming‘.
That means that you dream while being aware that you are dreaming. This kind of dream is very rare; at times, the dreamer is able to influence or even direct the events inside the dream story. Athletes use this state of mind for training purposes: The constant repetition of a certain motion flow, even if only in your mind/dream, evidently has a positive effect on your physical athletic performance. Train your brain while dreaming.
Also writers and artists have reported similar experiences; Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini even kept a “book of dreams”. It is full of colourful drawings of his lucid dreams – a lot of times they dealt with his obsession with the female (naked) body, which is mirrored in his filmic opus.
I think these are examples show: Dreaming is not a bad thing. So why is it that people keep saying you have to make your dreams come true?
Keep dreaming, and choose wisely which dreams you REALLY want to come true. And for those who are worth it: Work hard.

One response to “What we can learn from Walter Mitty about dreaming

  1. We can learn plenty, and heck, we can also learn to have a little bit of fun with life and enjoy the small, simple pleasures. Nice post!

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